HR Challenges in a Digital World: Rethinking recruiting and workplace welfare – Part 2 of 3


Eric Lechelard, 人力资源主管, 分享对多代劳动力的见解, 工作与生活的平衡和心理健康.


正如我在 以前的博客, 混合工作已成为新常态, 给社会带来了新的影响, 特别是, 在人力资源层面进行组织转型的必要性.

在这三篇博客中的第二篇, we’ll look at some of the most significant challenges ALE faced over the past three years, with a particular focus on multi-generational issues and the need for a flexible workplace.


这在许多组织中都很常见, the ALE employee workforce spans a number of generations — one of our greatest assets. This multi-generational aspect is particularly important when it comes to digital transformation. 值得注意的是,在向远程办公转变的过程中, “婴儿潮”一代, 也被称为“电话”一代, 我们很快就采用了 阿尔卡特朗讯企业解决方案Rainbow™. In fact, 它被公司内各代人广泛接受, as everyone was forced to switch to telephone with full computer-based 协作.

Today, 对于新员工, 尤其是年轻一代, 彩虹是他们交流体验的正常组成部分, 因为这是他们在个人生活中的互动方式, 这对当时的许多球队来说并不一定是这样的. It's been a success in that employees who came from the telephone industry have adopted the easy-to-use platform, 其中能够整合包括:电话在内的所有服务, 协作, 聊天和视频会议.

Let’s take a moment to consider the most common tools we use for communicating today; we call each other, 见面交流思想. 在ALE,这是我们40年来一直在做的事情. Rainbow也用于发送短信. 如果我们没有彩虹, 我们可能会使用WhatsApp或Messenger, 就像许多其他组织的情况一样, 顺便说一下, can leave the organisation vulnerable to security and confidentiality risks. In addition to messaging, employees need to hold meetings and create discussion groups. For ALE, 所有这些功能都安全地集成在Rainbow中, so we're able to easily bring together different generations of employees within a single digital tool.


许多研究表明, 所有人力资源部的人都可以证明这一点, 薪水并不是主要的激励因素, 但如果处理不当,这可能是一个让人失去动力的因素. 因此,我们自然以最严肃的态度对待它. 同时, we recognise that it's important to prioritise and promote the health and well-being of our employees. 以下是ALE在这一领域所做的一些例子.

First, even if it seems obvious today, we provide a teleworking agreement. 在全球卫生危机早期, 我们开始与社会合作伙伴就远程办公进行谈判, which has led to the long-term implementation of a flexible working environment that is now of interest to all new hires. 本协议, 包括每周一到三天的远程办公, 现在得到了所有党派的支持, 真的需要这么做. Today, the subject of teleworking is part of every recruitment discussion.

第二点涉及灵活性和员工工作福利. We have signed Quality of Working Life (QWL) agreements that deal with work-life balance, 还有个人生活的限制, 护理, 分娩, 和照顾孩子. These agreements establish the conditions for a better work-life balance, as does teleworking.


所有这些措施都与预防行动相辅相成. 远程办公不能导致疲劳或健康问题. 灵活的工作, 每年进行工作量评估的面试, 沟通, 协作和管理工具都是ALE过程的一部分. Failing to address issues can expose a company to recruitment difficulties, as most candidates are keen to understand these employment elements before they even apply.

One of ALE's key strengths — which many companies do not have — is experience with teleworking that dates back to 2008, 当我们推出每周最多两天远程办公的机会时. We were well ahead of the market with a softphone solution that made teleworking possible. 当医疗危机袭来的时候, we leveraged our teleworking experience and 沟通s solutions to ensure business continuity for ourselves and our customers. Today, we are recognised as a key supplier of business 沟通s solutions for hybrid working.

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3 Recommendations from Eric Lechelard, 人力资源主管, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, France


Eric Lechelard

Director, Human Resources, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise International - France

拥有超过20年的电信和IT经验, and five years as Human Resources Director of the ALE International French entity, Eric Lechelard is responsible for supporting all teams in the ALE International group strategic transformation.

Eric’s expertise in professional services and customer services (customer care) has provided him with a variety of opportunities in the services industry, including 管理 of the professional services teams for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. 他领导了预售工作, design, 体系结构, and 24-7 operations activities of all 沟通s and network solutions for a strategic customer; a large US-based hospital group. 他还负责ALE全球客户支持活动, prior to being named Director of ALE International’s Human Resources team.

除了电信和网络工程学位, 埃里克接受过服务和销售方面的培训, and obtained a Master 2 in Human Resources Management at the IAE of Caen in 2017.





Eric Lechelard, 人力资源主管, 分享对多代劳动力的见解, 工作与生活的平衡和心理健康.



Eric Lechelard, 人力资源主管, shares the challenges of introducing a hybrid work environment in today’s new normal.



Eric Lechelard, 人力资源主管, shares his experience on the importance of offering hybrid work to recruit and retain talent.



Businesses benefit from a holistic employee experience that personalises people, tools, 流程和工作环境.